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Here at Broham Smoke Shop, we offer customers the finest glass pipes in Sacramento, CA! Too many of our competitors carry cheap, unsafe glass pieces that come from overseas and break with the slightest bump or nudge. All of our glass pipes are hand blown and come from reputable makers and brand names.

You can be certain you’re purchasing a quality product when buying from us. We carry all types of water pipes, hand pipes, and more discreet options for you, whatever your smoking preference or situation may be!

Many of our pipes are local glass blower products that we have sourced from the blowers themselves. We aim to give back to the community and one way we do this is by putting the works of local artisan blowers in the hands of our customers—the artist gets their work out into the world and you, in turn, receive a quality, locally made pipe! It’s a win-win situation for all involved!

In addition to local, artisanal-made glass pieces, we offer water pipes from reputable companies, such as Hitman, Fresh Baked, and Toro to suit any size budget, big or small. We also carry a wide selection of glass pipe accessories, such as replacement bowls, glass cleaner, and diffusion beads to hot rod any current piece you already have!

Our superb stock would be nothing without a welcoming environment; we want to create a welcoming atmosphere for everyone who visits us. Walk through our doors and our associates can guarantee a smooth, pleasant transaction and will personally assist you. Ask all the questions you like! Our knowledgeable staff can answer most any inquiry you have!

Stop by the shop to see how we can elevate your smoking experience today.

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